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My Journey

UX interviews are indeed a critical part of the process when pursuing a UX job role. A successful UX interview allows candidates to showcase their skills, experience, and approach to problem-solving in the field of user experience design. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of user-centered design principles, their ability to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, and their proficiency in various UX research and design methods.

I've personally gone through a rigorous journey of 25 to 30 interviews in the past year, facing both success and failure. However, after eight months of perseverance and continuous improvement, I received three job offers in the UX role. This experience has taught me invaluable lessons and insights that I'm eager to share with others who are preparing for their own UX interviews. I believe I can offer guidance and support to help candidates navigate the interview process with confidence and increase their chances of success.

Remember, it's essential to not only provide concise and insightful answers but also back them up with relevant examples from your experience or portfolio. Be prepared to discuss your design rationale, problem-solving approach, and how you collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

Tell me about your current Job responsibility?

How did you transition into a UX role?

What is difference between useful and usable? 

What is Accessibility & usability? And Its Principle

What encourage you to choose UI/UX field?

Which Phase do you like most, and why?

How much you rate yourself in UI & UX out of 10?

Share any instance in your current organisation where you raise concern about the quality of design not delivered as per actual design.

Do you follow any design system? please name it.

Do you handle team? if yes then what is the size?

How you manage your team during project time ?

What are the component of UX?

Highlight five notable features that you appreciate when using applications in your daily life.

Identify five problematic features that you encounter while using applications in your everyday life.

Which process do you follow? And what happen in each stage describe any one of the stage? Like discovery Phase, empathy phase etc.

Walkthrough me with your best project and explain the problem, your approach and solution.

How you achieve the quality of design from development team after giving complete design file handover to development team?

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