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UI/UX Mentoring for portfolio making involves guiding aspiring designers to create a compelling portfolio.

UX Case Studies

Design Thinking Process

Process-By Pankaj Kumar

How Design Thinking Process Encourages us to be creative & solve problems in new ways!

Mobility As service_edited.png

Mobility as a Service in Rural India

UX Case Study-By Pankaj Kumar

Existing transportation system in India is unorganised. Buying the required resources is another challenge for the farmers.

WALLPAPER – 2_edited.jpg

Book and Cancel Vet-Doctor Appointments

UX Case Study-By Shivi Galhotra

Develop a platform where user can find/a vet/clinic nearby the location which can help them book appointments easily for their pets.

Doro Card.png

Doro - Contemporary Digital Gifting Solution

UX Case Study-By Shivi Galhotra

To help Users find the perfect gift and save time during the gifting process. At the same time, helping them to keep their choices upfront and get the right gift from their loved ones.


My Story-Buddy Renting

Book App

UX Case Study-By Rinky Kumari

Create a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of finding story books for parents, while also recommending suitable books based on the age and needs of their children.

Roy Pure Dairy.png

Roy Pure Dairy Farm

UX Case Study-By Pankaj Kumar

Design a product (app) that caters to the regular delivery of milk and dairy items. Daily needs like milk are critical every morning for a household and it is extremely important to have timely delivery as one’s schedules depend on these items.

Book a flight.png

Book a Flight

UX Case Study-By Bhawana Singh

Create a journey map for the process of booking an airline flight hassle-free through an app and website. You'll want to use other research methods such as user interviews or diary studies to gather data. 


Customer Interaction Cycle

By Pankaj Kumar

The customer interaction cycle: awareness, consideration, acquisition, retention, and loyalty.


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