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Are you
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Welcome! Ready to propel your career to new heights?

Welcome to an exciting opportunity where you can take your career to new heights! Unlock your full potential and achieve extraordinary success as you embark on a transformative journey of professional growth and advancement. 


Our Holistic Approach



It is essential to diagnose their career path. Understanding their aspirations, goals, and current skill set is crucial in tailoring guidance that aligns with their individual needs.



This diagnosis involves a comprehensive assessment of their educational background, relevant coursework, practical experience, and any existing design projects they have completed. By reviewing their academic achievements and previous design work, we can identify strengths, areas for improvement, and potential gaps in their knowledge.

Different Icons

Design Thinking Process for School Students

Desiignworks offers design mentorship to school students from 8th grade and beyond who are interested in pursuing a career in design. With personalized guidance and feedback from experienced mentors, Desiignworks helps students develop the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the design industry. Whether students are interested in to learn design thinking process which helps them to solve any challenging proper in systematic manner to achieve their goal.

Learn Advance  
of UI/UX
 and portfolio making 

Desiignwork is a platform that provides one-on-one interaction between professionals and students to help them develop a strong and effective portfolio. Through personalized feedback and guidance, Desiignwork helps individuals improve their UI/UX skills and create a portfolio that showcases their strengths and expertise. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a student just starting out, Desiignwork can help you take your skills and portfolio to the next level.

Web designing
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UI/UX Audit
Join Hands With Us
and create a beautiful  digital experience

A UI/UX audit is a process of evaluating the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of a website, application, or digital product. It involves analyzing the design and functionality of the product and identifying areas for improvement.

Here are a few tips that where we asa team conduct a successful UI/UX audit:

  1. Set clear objectives: Define the scope of the audit, the metrics to track, and the outcomes you hope to achieve.                                                                               

  2. Choose the right tools: Use tools that can help you collect user data, such as Google Analytics, heat maps, and user feedback surveys.                                  

  3. Analyze the data: Use the data you collect to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement.                                                                    

  4. Evaluate the design and user experience: Evaluate the usability, accessibility, and user experience of your digital product, and identify areas for improvement.                                                                    

  5. Prioritize recommendations: Identify the most critical issues and prioritize recommendations based on their impact on the user experience and your business goals.                                                          

  6. Test and iterate: Test the changes you make, measure their impact, and continue to iterate until you achieve the desired results.


Shivi Galhotra I Product Designer

"After graduating in visual design, I felt lost and unsure about my next steps. However, reaching out to a LinkedIn connection who worked in the field proved to be a turning point. DesiignWorks genuinely guided me and helped me develop my UI/UX portfolio, which had been challenging for me to relate to my online Coursera course. The one-on-one interaction with my mentor was invaluable, allowing for deep discussions and unlimited support, without any time constraints. This experience bridged the gap between theory and practice, boosting my confidence as a UI/UX designer. It propelled me towards more challenging projects and continued growth in my career. I am grateful for the guidance and mentorship that played a vital role in my professional development".
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